Featured Artists

 21 Artists: London Blackfriars

April 29-May 17

Final Exhibition 21st May, 2013

Paul Harrison Multimedia art
Matthew Reynolds Multimedia art
Bettina Fung Interactive Illustration
Francesco Benenato Performance
Adrian Mills Illustration
Les Merchants Interactive Sensory Installation
Warren Fox Illustration
Daniel Campagne Photography
Sequin Kay Sculptural Installation
Natalie Oliveri Music
Yolanda Mercy Poetry/Performance
Sarah Louise Krisiansen Dance
Andi Schmeid Architectural Installation
David Adjei Architectural Installation
Pia Tuulia Cabble Painting/Illustration
Pablo Robertson Film/Photography
Laurie Nouchka Mural Painting
Poppy Green Sculpture
Sara Dziadik Illustration
Andrea Rania Animation
Charles Jean-Pierre Painting
James Flowers Painting
21 Artists: Chicago Loop

February 1-February 21

Final Exhibition 22nd February, 2013

CJ Hungerman Illustration
Hugo Style Painting/Illustration/ Graphics
Suzanne Sebold Fiber Arts
Abbéy Odunlami Performance Art
Stephen D’Onofrio Painting/Sculpture
Sadie Woods Music
Rico Sisney Poetry/Music
Faith Humphrey Hill Painting/Illustration
HornBreaD (Sam Trump & David Ben-Porat)Gwen Terry  Music/CompositionInstallation/Sculpture
Natalie Osborne Performance
Czr Prz Street Art/Painting
Koku Gonza Music
Rebecca Hamlin Green Ceramic Sculpture
Lindsay E Schirk Photography
Nose Lanariz  Painting/Sculpture
Core Project Chicago Dance
Victoria Martinez Fiber Arts
Sam Kirk  Painting

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