21 Artists: London Blackfriars

In collaboration with 3Space, 21 Artists: London Blackfriars showcased twenty-one artists from a diverse set of creative disciplines in an old courthouse building in central London.

After a successful pilot project in Chicago, 21 Artists: London Blackfriars, an unprecedented arts-based cultural regeneration project taking place in 3Space’s Blackfriars Hub, kicked off April 29, running through the 21st of May. During that time, a mix of innovate, experimental and socially-driven artists from a wide range of disciplines, cultures and ages were featured daily, creating work in the Blackfriars Space based around the theme of transformation.

For more information about our day-to-day events, please visit our schedule page.

Featured artists include:

-Performance artists
-Culinary artists

The project was held at 58 Victoria Embankment, just west of Blackfriars tube right on the Thames in central London, celebrating artists while bringing the arts to an unused space, engaging the public and local community groups, beautifying the internal environment and promoting the arts across the city.

 Dates: April 29-May 17
Final Exhibition: Tuesday, May 21
Location: 58 Victoria Embankment, EC4Y 0DS
To view the schedule of events, click here.

Featured Artists: Matthew Reynolds, Paul Harrison, Bettina Fung, Les Mechants, Adrian Mills, Francesco Benenato, Warren Fox, Sequin Kay, Daniel Campagne, Natalie Oliveri, Yolanda Mercy, Sarah Louise Kristiansen, Andi Schmeid, David Adjei, Pia Tuulia Cabble, Pablo Robertson, Laurie Nouchka, Poppy Green, Sara Dziadik, Andrea Rania, Charles Jean-Pierre & James Flowers.

About 21 Artists:

21 Artists showcases artists from a vast array of creative disciplines in an unused space to celebrate the creative process, collaborate and explore ways that artists and visionaries can work together to revitalize communities and empty spaces, 21 days at a time. Each artist’s project will be showcased, many of which will be interactive, performance-based to highlight the potential the arts can have in audience engagement and bringing people together.

About 3Space:

3Space is a charity set up to unlock the potential of the increasing numbers of vacant commercial properties across the UK. Making these spaces available to other non-profit projects and organisations free of charge, 3Space work to highlight the regenerative potential that the reanimation of empty space can offer to communities. 3Space have taken on an ex-courthouse building in Blackfriars in the heart of the City of London for a 6 month period – more information can be found at http://3space.org or http://3spaceblackfriars.tumblr.com

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