Square metres

Twelve thousand square metres of new office space will soon open next door. Two streets away is the headquarters of an international media agency. You’ve never heard of them… but you’ve seen their films, you’ve read their books. On the corner is the headquarters of one of the world’s largest corporations… you find them in your fridge, you find them in your drawers and cupboards, they are in your bathroom cabinet, and each day you rub them on your skin, lather them into your hair, and eat them with your food. These places are a 90 second walk away… in 180 seconds you’ll find tobacco, 240 seconds in one direction is the stock exchange, and 300 seconds the other brings you to the entertainment, the nightly extravaganza that fulfils those needs everything else left behind.

And so we function. The artists too they fill their role, a flash in the community project pan before normal service is resumed and business can settle back to its familiar rhythm. Five hundred square metres tries valiantly to change the world, as all around the city functions, a relentless efficiency that leaves dysfunction all around, if only we hadn’t forgotten how to see as much.

The business makes the money, the charity the love, the gallery offers the culture, and autistic we pick our way from one pigeon hole to the next in – at long last – a world that makes sense.

What do you think?

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