::: 21 ARTISTS: LONDON: Week 2 :::

::: Yolanda Mercy & Sarah Louise Kristiansen ::: Natalie Oliveri ::: Andi Schmied ::: Daniel Campagne ::: Pia Tuuila Cabble :::

Week #2 at 21 Artists: London saw the halls of Audit House filled with an energy that was an exciting mix of aesthetic movements, rhytmic echoes, angelic voices as well as the occasional guwaff.. (amazing word, that is..). Starting off with Yolanda’s and Sarah Louise’s collaborative performance piece, the room turned quiet, so did the building and the street. When Yolanda’s comforting voice started to fill the void, Sarah Louise accompanied her with movements inspired by the sounds that echoed through the room, sometimes louder, sometimes barely a whisper.

Andi’s piece will be an exciting architectual piece that will stun your eyes. Having gathered a vast amount of information by taking images, interviewing people and making sketches of this old building and its surrounding places and hidden spaces, Andi re-created a model of the building along with some of the main elements surrounding it. However, it gets even better. This already beautiful model will then be projected on, to create movement and make it come to live.

The cold, hard walls of this building transformed into musical beings when Natalie and Daniel gave them a voice. Working their way through corridors, halls and staircases, the duo played music that resonated with the space on a higher level. With every room being different, it became visible how connected and interlaced sound and space really are.

Pia Tuuila’s workshop promised to help you find the goddess within you, and so it did. The room these beautiful women (+1 brave male ) chose to fill with giggles, smiles and music had ironically been a courtroom in its former life. A place of sincerity and frowns. With these young ladies +1 marching into the room, it instantly transformed the place. Beautiful portraits and self-portraits were drawn and painted that all reflected the jollity and creativity found within the artists.

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