::: Week #1 at 21 Artists: London :::

::: Paul Harrison & Matthew Reynolds ::: Bettina Fung ::: Francesco Benenato ::: Les Mechants ::: Adrian Mills ::: Warren J Fox :::

21 Artists: London kicked off with Paul Harrison & Matthew Reynolds‘ piece The Consummate Remains.Inviting visitors to join in they created a (still)-in-progress-collage that can be seen as both a playground and battlefield for grown-ups. The lightheartedness with which topics such as sexism, politics, war, famine and pollution are displayed and worked with is a very refreshing approach to brighten up the space within those cold, stripped walls. The only real battle is being carried out when fighting for “nice, blank spaces” to leave one’s mark. But not to worry, everyone here at 21 Artists: London likes to share and work collaboratively, so that when you come down, there will still be a nice, blank space for you to leave your mark on!

Day two left visitors mesmerized by Bettina Fung‘s intangible drawing. Like a silken spider web her pencil strokes span across the walls of this usually hard and cornered surface. Inviting visitors to join her, little sketches have been created here and there that linger on the wall like insects trapped in her leaden web. Come down to see her beautiful artwork and the way it transforms the wall into an almost comfortable, inviting soft net.

Francesco Benenato‘s performance took place on the staircase in the front room of this old and historically rich building, creating a moody atmosphere through darkness and  silence. Standing on the staircase in the darkness, the artist projected faces on his own, morphing the real into something surreal and back again. It was a very raw piece which married performance and media together to create a very interesting piece which portrayed the angst many artist feel about their purpose and role in today’s society.

When Les Mechants came to the space, everyone was excited to see how their project brief: transforming interior spaces through the manipulation of light, would  be realized. Already stunned by the wallpaper’s color scheme and pattern as it was, eyes started to beam when the light switch flicked. Suddenly the colors that had seemed so stable and graspable, changed and turned into a dream-like mosaic. Please feel free to come to the space and see it for yourself. Take control by twisting and turning the switches and create your own unique color pattern.

Adrian Mills spent his day using Blackfriars as inspiration for paintings and sketches during 3Space’s Re:THINK Festival. He was inspired by both people, internal and external spaces throughout the duration of this Featured Day.

Warren Fox invited visitors: both artists and non-artists to join his workshop called b.drawn 101, which was part of the Re:THINK festival. He conducted activities that broke down people’s thoughts and feelings in relation to letting their imagination take hold and free their minds to express unique ideas and concepts through their art.

Paul Harrison and Matthew Reynolds discuss their artistic process:

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