::: Introducing ::: Poppy Green ::: Tuesday, May 14th ::: 10AM-6PM :::

::: Introducing ::: 21 Artists: London Featured Artist Poppy Green

Project Brief:

I would like to make a physical intervention to the space creating an interactive experience for the viewer. Disassembling and reassembling old clothing maidens I create abstract sculptures that are angular and complex, evoking the modernist structures of the Russian Contructivists. Working with the given theme of “Transformation” the work will play with notions of value, between perceived “high art” and the humble everyday material of the Maidens construction.

About Poppy Green:

Poppy’s practice seeks to examine the debris of our material culture, specifically, discarded items, objects that silently set the scene for our daily interactions, and will ultimately be the legacy of our epoch. Bringing these forgotten items into focus, her work examines the possibilities and boundaries of these objects, playing with ideas of recognition, value, materialistic desire and meaning, transforming them from unremarkable constituents of our constructed landscape into the landscape itself.


What do you think?

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