::: Introducing ::: Pia Tuuila Cabble ::: Saturday, May 11th ::: 2PM-4PM :::

::: Introducing ::: 21 Artists: London Featured Artist Pia Tuuila Cabble

Project Brief:

A two hour session where you are are invited to come and learn how to create self-portraits, with inspirations of highest spiritual deities from around the world ex. Orishas (Cuban, Haitian, Brazilian and African), Hindi goddesses, Native American spiritual leaders and others. The set is accompanied with live music, so that you can drift into a world of creation while painting yourself, goddess!

Join us for a painting/drawing workshop, with guidance and support of artist Pia Cabble who will share her knowledge on creating successful self-portraits and different painting and drawing techniques.

While emerged in the world of art, you are invited to discover your personal reflection of the highest being or higher self. It does not matter which religious background you come from, feel free to express the goddess within.

Suggested donation: £5
To book a place either call on 07557024343  or Email: piacabble@gmail.com

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