::: Introducing ::: Pablo Robertson ::: Monday, May 13th ::: 12AM-6PM :::

::: Introducing ::: 21 Artists: London Featured Artist Pablo Robertson

Project Brief:

This piece will be a performance concerning the senses where members of the public will be taken around the space by a performer. The short time they spend together will be very intimate and heighten their awareness of both the space and their own sense of self.

About Pablo Robertson:

Pablo is a writer/ Director and also does a lot of camera work. He has been a photographer since his early teens. He did a BA in photography at Manchester Metropolitan University, then lived and worked in Paris for many years as a photographer. Eventually moving back to the UK to do a BA in Film at Napier University in Edinburgh. He is currently living in London. He works with many different styles of work ranging from documentary to very stylized conceptual work to the abstract and very surreal to traditional fiction. He is very flexible and comfortable with many genres and styles.






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