::: Introducing ::: Laurie Nouchka ::: Tuesday, May 14th ::: 10AM-6PM :::

::: Introducing ::: 21 Artists: London Featured Artist Laurie Nouchka

Project Brief:

At the moment I am developing a body of work which is about the transformation of buildings within London boroughs over time. All too often we overlook the beauty in the unfolding history of our architectural surroundings and this piece of work sets to address this by reflecting it back on to our very walls. The project, entitled Walls on Walls, is a painting project which celebrates the rich history and evolving identity of London’s boroughs by embracing its constant transformation and future. Focusing on the built environment of the borough, Walls on Walls distills the changing essence of the area today and paints it back on to the very walls of its community. London still shows great evidence of its historic buildings whilst modern architecture and contemporary urban design are becoming ever more visible as the city continues to be a focus for regeneration. This project seeks to capture how the old and new currently coexist by highlighting the abundance of extraordinary buildings and walls that exist within the borough which encapsulate this juxtaposition. Examining local sites that are often overlooked or undervalued, the project will encourage people to consider their surroundings with fresh eyes and appreciate their environment from a different perspective, recognizing the transformation of an area. I will be working with a range of different bodies from borough council regeneration departments, housing estates, private offices and public spaces to create a series of Walls on Walls in range of locations all over London.

Within 3Space’s Blackfriars Hub I will create a work of art on one or a number of interior walls throughout the building identifying examples of transformation on walls of the building’s exterior and around the local area. Through photography and drawing I will document the exterior walls creating a montage/composition which will then be painted on to the interior walls of 3Space. I will be exploring pattern shape and texture and the transformation of these over time creating a piece which encourages visitors to re-look at the building with fresh eyes.

About Laurie Nouchka:

Laurie Nouchka is a British artist who lives and works in London. Her work ranges from painting and drawing to video, installation and performance exploring themes of identity as well as personal and cultural history.



twitter @laurienouchka

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