::: Introducing ::: Charles Jean-Pierre & James Flowers ::: Friday, May 17th ::: 10AM-6PM :::

::: Introducing ::: 21 Artists: London Featured Artists Charles Jean-Pierre & James Flowers

Project Brief

Who Really won the Revolutionary War???

We will be doing a workshop on how to transform literary content into visual stories. First we will do a cultural group conversation with the participants. We would like to know their perspectives on politics, society, and esthetics. Next we would conduct an artist critic that deals with ideology as opposed to esthetics. Finally we will do a work shop on how to create collaborative visual stories. We will then create a collage based on the inspirations and conclusions taken from these collaborative meetings.  We will engage viewers by asking them to bring in their favorite social, political, and cultural literary works ranging from magazines to novels. We will then ask them to highlight words, cut out paragraphs, etc. to create a collaborative collage that represents transformation. The topic of who really won the revolutionary war deals with perspective and reality. We believe that perspective is really important in transformation. Doing this, we will cover the works of Howard Zin, Chris Hedges, and Malcolm Gladwell. 

About Charles Jean-Pierre:

Charles Philippe Jean-Pierre is a Haitian-American painter and educator who is best known for his murals. He has created public art in Chicago, DC, Port-au-Prince, London, and Paris. Jean-Pierre began experimenting with art early by creating visual narratives based on classical paintings from his homeland. His work speaks to the nexus of political, social, and economic structures. They are a blend of artistic styles that span from multimedia collages to conceptual designs. Jean-Pierre often incorporates graffiti, folk, and multimedia into his paintings. Jean-Pierre holds a Masters of Arts from Howard University.

Instagram – @cjpgallery


About James Flowers:

James Flowers is a contemporary African American artist from the state of Louisiana. He began to experiment with art at an early age at the request of his peers. Visual language was at the core of this expression because calligraphy was in high demand for individuals heavily engaged in the tattoo culture of the American south. from there, James mastered portraiture and is currently developing his Mural portfolio in the Washington DC metropolitan area. James has a masters of arts from Southern University in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

Instagram – @jflowart


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