::: Introducing ::: Natalie Oliveri ::: Wednesday, May 8th :::

::: Introducing ::: 21 Artists: London Featured Artist Natalie Oliveri

Project Brief:

I work with transformation in the form of musical dynamics with voice scatting/voice improvisation. Using dynamics of different percussive components and may feature a guitarist to help with creating certain melodic sounds on the guitar. The transformation would come in the form of musical feelings from single tone sounds to a combination of different musical rhythms all at once.

About Natalie Oliveri:

Since her induction into the music world Natalie Oliveri has infused her Latin Soul sound into the pulse of the music industry. With her angelic voice, creative compositions, and emotion- tinged lyrics, Natalie is on the verge of carving out her place among 21st century female singer/songwriters.





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