::: Introducing ::: Andi Schmied ::: Thursday, May 9th ::: 10AM-6PM :::

::: Introducing ::: 21 Artists: London Featured Artist Andi Schmied

Project Brief:

In my project I speculate on the possible changes that abandoned buildings and their re-use (in this case the Blackfriars HUB) could have on their immediate geographical location. Before my featured day I will interview, photograph and film people and prepare a model of the immediate area of the building. On my featured day, I will show the speculated future scenario, supported by all the visual material that I have collected previously. After my day I will edit a small zine for the final exhibition.

About Andi Schmied:

Born and raised in Budapest, Andi did her university studies in Barcelona, Tel Aviv and London, where she is based now. She is an urban speculator, mixed-media artist. Throughout her artistic practice, her main interest has been the psychological landscape of the urban reality from a human and architectural point of view. She has been working with the way in which spaces (both open spaces and those defined by walls) modify our behavior and how much effect we have on the psyche of the elements themselves. She photographs her environment, makes videos, models, installations or architectural models, transforms the models and documents the transformation process in form of animations, videos, photos. She also records sounds and transforms them.



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