::: Introducing ::: ‘Side by Side’ with Ali Zaidi & Gabriela Parra ::: Saturday, May 11th ::: 5-8PM :::

::: Introducing ::: 21 Artists: London Featured Artists Ali Zaidi & Gabriela Parra

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Culinary artists Ali Zaidi and Gabriela Parra have been given a challenge to prepare a five-course mixed tasting menu derived from their personal culinary histories. The 1st challenge is to use the same five base ingredients to create their individual recipes:



-Sweet Potatoes



The 2nd challenge is to build upon their personal recipes by allowing themselves to be influenced by each other’s culinary styles.

The tasting menu will be complimented by free beverages, both alcoholic and not. The entire menu for the event will be gluten free with a limit of 20 tickets sold.

REGISTER here for this incredible culinary experience!

About Ali Zaidi:

Indian by birth, Pakistani by migration and British by chance, Ali Zaidi uses art and his cultural displacement to find commonalities and differences by creating works that connect and welcome. As an artist, his practice morphs different forms including film, live art, installation, digital technology and food sharings. Zaidi creates fresh participatory experiences for new audiences by inviting them to collectively reflect on issues of belonging and question static perceptions of culture and ecology.

About Gabriela Parra:

Gabriela Parra is a Chicago based Chef but her roots are from her hometown Puebla, Mexico. She has had some formal training but her strongest foundation and influence has come from her 7 aunts and her Mother. Gabriela specializes in what she calls Mexican comfort food, essentially the food she grew up eating with her family. The dished ranges from Guisados, different types of meat slow cooked in various types of salsas and moles, to something as simple a fried egg on white rice with Green Salsa. While her main focus is Mexican food, she is also influenced by many cultures, such as American Northwest and Vietnamese. Gabriela is currently working as a Personal Chef and is also Sous Chef at Hearty Boy Catering in Chicago.

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