::: Introducing ::: Daniel Campagne ::: Monday, May 6th ::: 10AM-6PM :::

::: Introducing ::: 21 Artists: London Featured Artist Daniel Campagne

Project Brief:

Daniel will be spending his featured day photographing and documenting the area around the hub, the signs of its transformation in the architecture and how it affects the way people live and work in the area. This kind of research requires a thorough exploration of the area so he will start early in the morning and spend as much time as is possible visiting the area and taking pictures.

He’d also like to ask the other artists or the visitors to do the same and document their impressions in whichever way they find appropriate.

About Daniel Campagne:

Daniel is a documentary and reportage photographer, who’s main area of interest is the human being and the society he lives in. With his photography, he wants to investigate all the different aspects of the life of the modern human. Work, home, fun and social interactions are just some of the themes he is interested in and focusing on right now. He is currently living in London, working on building a solid portfolio and trying to find other creatives and like minded people to collaborate with.

website: www.danielcampagne.it

twitter: twitter.com/ruDKemp

Tumblr: danielcampagne.tumblr.com/


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