::: Introducing ::: Francesco Benenato ::: Wednesday, May 1st ::: 7PM-8PM :::

::: Introducing ::: 21 Artists: London Featured Artist Francesco Benenato

Project Brief:

Benenato’s performance and projection installations seek instinctively to blur the divide between art and life, between the viewer and the exhibit.

“I aim to challenge the viewer’s concern on the utility of ‘art purpose’, stressing about the differences between art within social context and with a social function”

About Francesco Benenato:

Francesco Benenato is a Naples-born artist based in London.

Benenato’s practice is driven by a fascination with the human condition; the physical and emotional in equal parts, his work spans from sculpture and installation to photography and performance.

Benenato both embraces and usurps the notion of paradox, weaving together the human consciousness and the physical world and all the interaction between the two. His interest lies primarily in the paradoxical nature of all that is man-made – we are constrained and bound by concepts and materials of our own making. In short, it is we who create the restrictions that we struggle so fiercely to break out of. In his work, we see this paradox explored, challenged and reinstated through his use of material and media, highlighting the concern and the anxiety of the artist’s decision making.


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