::: Introducing ::: Bettina Fung ::: Wednesday, May 1st ::: Noon-9PM :::

::: Introducing ::: 21 Artists: London Featured Artist Bettina Fung

Project Brief:

Traces 01.05.2013

A day long interactive installation/performance piece during which the artist, through drawing, leaves traces of her time spent in the given space and thereby transforming it. The public are encouraged to join her by leaving their marks too, alongside hers.

Check out Bettina at work during the Re:THINK festival Wednesday, May 1st from Noon-9PM

About Bettina Fung:

Bettina Fung (Chinese name: Fung Wan Shan) is a London based visual artist

with a background in computer science, film and animation. Her work spans

across fine art, comic art, illustrations, film editing and storyboarding.

Drawing is her main practice, where she explores and reflects the world

inside and around her through the use of lines and mark making. Recently

her practice has taken on performative elements with the belief that the

act of drawing shares equal importance to the end result.

Website: http://www.bettinafungwanshan.co.uk

Twitter: @bettinaFWS

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