21 Artists: London@Re:THINK Festival

The partner for 21 Artists: London, 3Space, is hosting a festival highlighting sustainability, urban design, public art and much, much more! Re:THINK Festival will be held from May 1st-3rd in 3Space’s Blackfriars Hub and 21 Artists: London is honored to be one of the featured groups for this event. 

As part of the festival, 21 Artists will be featuring five artists who’s projects will be showcased, many of which will be interactive, performance-based to highlight the potential the arts can have in audience engagement and bringing people together.

ReTHINK poster

21 Artists: London Features at Re:THINK-

May 1st: Bettina Fung– all day

Traces 01.05.2013

A day long interactive installation/performance piece where the artist

leaves traces of her time spent through drawing in the given space and thereby transforming it. The public is also encouraged to join her by leaving

their marks too.

Website: http://www.bettinafungwanshan.co.uk

Twitter: @bettinaFWS


May 1st: Francesco Benenato– 7-8PM

Benenato’s performance and projection installation, seek instinctively to blur the divide between art and life, between the viewer and the exhibit. In his words, “I aim to challenge the viewer’s concern on the utility of ‘art purpose’, stressing about the differences between art within social context and with a social function”.



May 2nd: Adrian Mills– all day

Adrian Mills will be doing observational drawings around the space throughout the duration of the Festival on that day. Adrian will work under the same premise of his drawing-a-day project that highlights everyday situations through quick, yet thoughtful and detailed gestural drawings.




May 2nd: Les Mechants– all day

Les Méchants’ project combines interior design and lighting design to create an immersive spatial and visual experience. The project focuses on transforming interior spaces through the manipulation of light within that space. It’s an exploration and celebration of the incredible effect that colours and their perception have on our minds. Colour is an extremely powerful stimulant, capable of dramatically changing our mood and mindset. Exciting us. Calming us. Inspiring us.




May 3rd: Warren Fox– 1-2PM; 2:30-3:30PM

b.drawn ART101

b.drawn ART101 is an hour art class that transforms an artists self perceptions around their own creativity. Acknowledging our own limiting thoughts and feelings, allows an artist to be inspired by Imagination. Why give a bowl of fruit for people to draw, in a environment with set techniques, if it’s not where their imagination takes them. The theme will be given as part of the project.

Illustrating the difference between Thoughts, Feelings and Assumptions vs the power of Imagination leaves the student creating art they truly love. The end result is that artists leave the class with tools to transform their perspective on their own art. Understanding their limitations creates momentum to create from their wider expanse of imagination.

• web: www.warrenjfox.com 

• twitter & instagram: @warrenjfox 

• facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WarrenJFoxArtist 

• vimeo: https://vimeo.com/60227137 

• youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsxnbMDbcEM



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