21 Artists Feature ::: Lindsay E. Schirk :::

Lindsay E. Schirk Capturing the City Through a Fish-Eye Lens
Featured ::: February 15, 2013
Lindsay and artist-in-residence, Meg Peterson, spent the first few hours of Lindsay’s featured day shooting photos around the downtown area of pedestrians and tourists on a beautiful, sunny February day in Chicago. They then went back to the studio to transform the photos into paintings.
Here are a few of the portraits taken during their excursion:
Lindsay describes her quote and her creative process:
About Lindsay E. Schirk:
Lindsay’s style of photography is very journalistic; she focus on capturing the “in between” moments of life. In portraiture, she targets catching people in their element. She becomes the observer, and through the lens, she is able to escape into a world parallel to her subject and connect in a powerful way. She places herself in their position and imagines life through their eyes. Her camera depicts this relationship in the final print, telling the story her subject has to share. Many times she uses her photographs to inspire her paintings and drawings.
Lindsay develops concepts for her artwork from the connections found in the prints and continue to tell the story with her pencils, charcoals, paints and brushes. She is passionate in practicing the art of photography in being able to make fleeting moments last a lifetime. She loves watching families laugh and joke with each other and study their endearing reciprocating expressions. From her experiences in portraiture, and photographing weddings, she constantly reminds herself about the important things in life, how strong the bonds of love are, and how fortunate she is to be alive.
Check out more of her work here.


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