21 Artists Feature ::: Rebecca Hamlin Green :::

Rebecca Hamlin Green Past and Present Through Sculptures in Clay
Featured ::: February 14, 2013
Rebecca came to the 21 Artists space ready to work, sculpting miniature clay sculptures with a lace covering, molded to the clay body with a light slip that bound the two together. The sculptures represent visions of home and how our view of the past and where we are from is often veiled under skewed perceptions of what once was, never able to return back to that state.
Check out a few of the photos of her work in progress:
Rebecca describes the quote she chose for the project and how it describes her creative process:
About Rebecca Hamlin Green:
Rebecca Hamlin Green (MFA 2012, University of Arizona) is an emerging ceramic installation artist. Her objects and images evoke a strong emotional connection to the home, self-preservation and observation of nature. She often incorporates animal imagery in her work, using the animal form as an analog to human emotion. Drawn particularly to domesticated animals, she relates their experiences- alongside and in conjunction to human experiences- as vehicles through which we first experience the difficult realities of death, birth, loyalty and the power of nature within the domestic space.  Her work has been featured at the Northern Arizona University Museum of Art, the University of Arizona Museum of Art, the 2012 NCECA Juried Exhibition in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and group exhibitions in Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Missouri. Hamlin Green is an educator who aims to further
Check out more of her work here.



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