21 Artists Feature ::: HornBreaD :::

HornBreaD Manifesting an Innovative Sound through Collaboration and Improvisation
Featured ::: February 9, 2013
HornBreaD (David Ben-Porat & Sam Trump) came to the 21 space ready to entertain and engage passers-by with their talent and charm. The two played their trombone and trumpet respectively inside and outside of the space in addition to some singing and interacting with passersby.
Here they talk a bit informally about their instruments and their process:
Check out a few of their performances from their featured day:
With fellow bandmate, Rico Sisney:
Here they describe their quote and how it relates to the music they make:
About HornBreaD:
HornBread is a comprised of the talented horn player/singer/songwriter duo Sam Trump (trumpet) and David Ben-Porat (trombone). In addition to providing the horn section for the up-and-coming Chicago group, Sidewalk Chalk, both have solo projects and play with other groups locally, nationally and internationally. Embarking on HornBread as an entity unto itself, both are excited about the possibilities of combining their musical talents into an innovative, new endeavor.
Check out more from them here:

hornbread 2

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