21 Artists Feature ::: Faith Humphrey-Hill :::

Faith Humphrey-Hill Engaging the Public in a Storefront Masterpiece
Featured ::: February 8, 2013
Faith Humphrey-Hill is an artist based out of Oak Park who came into the space focused and ready to create. Faith set up in the storefront window with her easel, charcoal and oil paints. Faith works primarily from photos, many inspired by her children and images from everyday life.
Check out some photos of her in action:
About Faith Humphrey-Hill:
Faith’s passion is to make the creation and viewing of art accessible to everyone. For 15 yrs she has leveraged her education, experience, and her own art making to increase participation in the arts.
As an arts administrator Faith has been Director of both for-profit and non-profit galleries, participated on municipal public art committees, Directed non-profit community based arts organizations, and designed art programming for youth. In 2012 Faith decided to pursue her own art-making with a renewed focus by creating art everyday and sharing her progress on a facebook group she moderates. Faith’s work is representational oil paintings or charcoal drawings featuring inspiration from her daily life.
Check out more of Faith’s work here.

Faith HH 1

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