21 Artists Feature ::: Rico Sisney :::

Rico Sisney Cyphering Community and Participation through Poetry and Art
Featured ::: February 7, 2013
As the Featured Artist for Day 7, Rico partnered with artist-in-residence Meg Peterson to hold an interactive poetry and art event called The Cypher. The Cypher had 3 parts:
PHASE ONE: Audience Cypher ::: Audience members will draw and write in response to one another.
PHASE TWO: Audience & Artist Response ::: Rico, Meg & participating audience members will be given 30 minutes to complete their responses to the cypher exchange.
PHASE THREE: Final Performance ::: Rico, Meg and audience share what they created during their time.
PHASE ONE began with a quote chosen by Rico on one side and an illustration chosen by Meg on the right. For the first round, audience members were called at random to respond to either the quote or the illustration in two minute intervals. They were asked to respond to words only with drawings and drawings only with words, creating a poetry and art “conversation” as time went on. Rico and Meg alternated from using the artwork and the poetry respectively from the audience and from each other’s work in the same two minute intervals. There was an “A” poem and painting and a “B” poem and painting.
During PHASE TWO, audience members were asked to either draw or write in response to some aspect of PHASE ONE they were inspired by while Meg and Rico fine-tuned their work. All were given 25 minutes for this phase.
PHASE THREE audience members were asked to share out before Meg and Rico shared their work and explained it to the audience.
Here is one of the exceptional poems recited by audience member, Ryan Nilson:
Check out Rico performing a few of the final poems in front of its corresponding painting:
Here’s Rico describing his quote and how it relates to his work:
About Rico Sisney:
Originally from ATL, Rico Sisney is a founding member and MC for up-and-coming Chicago hip hop group, Sidewalk Chalk. In addition to writing for Sidewalk Chalk, Rico performs with Treehouse in addition to managing local music showcase, the Gala, a collision of a diverse range of artistic talents every second Monday in Chicago’s south loop.
Check out more about Rico here:
Sidewalk Chalk’s newest release can be seen here:


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