21 Artists Feature ::: Sadie Woods :::

Sadie Woods The Creative Fluidity in Making Work
Featured ::: February 6, 2013
Sadie Woods is an inspirational DJ & Curator whose life experience and world travels have given a rich depth to her work that is truly a pleasure to experience. Lately she has had a great deal of Caribbean influence to her life and work, which has shaped the way not only that her music sounds but the way she goes about thinking of her role as a creative force in Chicago and beyond.
Check out some photos of her in action in collaboration with the artist-in-residence, Meg Peterson.
Sadie describes her quotes of choice and how they relate to her work:
About Sadie Woods:
Sadie Woods is an independent curator and DJ. A Chicago native with a childhood steeped in performance and visual arts training, Sadie graduated from Columbia College with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree in 2000. Since then she has had exciting careers as curator and DJ, showcasing her talents everywhere from academia to nightclubs, boutiques to museums.
Check out more of her work here.


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