21 Artists Feature ::: Stephen D’Onofrio :::

Stephen D’Onofrio Combining painting and sculpture to create an Imaginary World
Featured ::: February 5, 2013
Stephen came into the 21 space at 23 E Madison prepped and ready for a full day’s work. He pre-cut the pieces for his sculptural painting, but everything else was created, painted and assembled in the space during about a five-hour session. Inspired by a Dr. Seuss quote and Dutch still life paintings, he created a fantastical, larger-than-life still life sculptural painting full of vibrancy and energy.
Check out some photos of his process below:
Hear Stephen’s description of his quote and how it encompasses his work:
About Stephen D’Onofrio:
Born and raised on the Jersey Shore, It was not until 2010 when Stephen moved to Chicago and began studying at the Art Institute of Chicago that his work began to flourish. Since then, his work revolves around two concrete ideas: pushing his work to inhabit the gray area between painting and sculpture and expanding the ground of experimental storytelling and narrative-based work.
Check out more of his work here.

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