21 Artists Feature ::: Abbéy Odunlami :::

Abbéy Odunlami Interactive Meal Sharing in Public Space Brings People From All Walks Together for Conversation
Featured ::: February 4, 2013
Nigerian-American filmmaker and performance artist, Abbéy Odunlami cooked, hosted and participated in a five course meal meant to expand the limitations of how art is viewed and help to create a vision of how art can make the world around us a better place.
The five courses were as follows:
1. Broccoli Coconut Soup
2. Salad w/Mustard Vinaigrette
3. Sauteed Potatoes with Champagne & Hollandaise Sauce
4. Braised Salmon w/Mango Salsa
5. Caramelized Peaches
Abbéy prepared every course on the street outside of the “21 Artists” space, inviting willing participants to sit down, pick a quote and start a conversation about that quote while both people enjoyed their course.
The result was an unbelievably diverse set of people stopping just for a chat, for some food or to see how they could get involved in more things like this around the city.
Photography and video documentation outline the project in action:
There were many conversations which transpired throughout the nearly two hour performance though memories came up many times throughout the project. Here, Abbéy and a participant discuss whether memories reside in the mind or the body and one passer-by has a little something to say about that same topic”
Here is what a few of the participants had to say about their experience:
The participants’ reactions were quite positive, along with many passers-by, who were very interested in what was going on. Check out this unstaged video interaction:
2013-02-04 12.44.30
Check out Abbéy’s discussion of his quote of choice and how it relates to his artistic process:
About Abbéy Odunlami:
Nigerian-American filmmaker and cultural worker Abbey Odunlami lives and works in Chicago, Detroit and Switzerland. His current trend as a maker is to focus on creating livable “situations” as a means of producing ephemeral material that is exhibit-able.


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