21 Artists Feature ::: Suzanne Sebold :::

Suzanne Sebold Everyday Discards Get A New Perspective
Featured ::: February 3, 2013
Suzanne brought a full paper making set up with her on her featured day, Saturday the 2nd of February. This intriguing and often misunderstood art combines the traditional paper making process with the addition of alternative materials in Suzanne’s process.
She combines everyday discards, things we would normally toss away and not think twice about into the paper she makes, adding in metallic pigments to give it a rich and vibrant finish.
Check out some of her process in action:
Suzanne describes her quote of choice and her process here:
About Suzanne Sebold:
Originally from Cleveland, Suzanne combines rich colors and bold lines to create cityscapes that both intrigue and inspire. In addition to painting, she works and teaches ceramics and art across the city.




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