::: Introducing ::: Nose Lanariz ::: Saturday, February 16th ::: 2 PM :::

Introducing…Twenty-One Featuring Artist Nose Lanariz

Nose works as a creative copywriter which is why a lot of the work he paints has messages or letters in it.

He also believes there is art in every object. That´s why he likes painting over found materials giving them a second opportunity. When you decontextualise those objects or simply modifiy them, you can create something completely new. You just need to look at them differently.

Nose is from Spain and he is actually living in Chicago missing the real sea!
He shown his work in galleries in Spain and Chicago. Last year he did his first american solo show at The Silver Room, and working in small sculptures this year, giving a 3D dimension to some of the paintings he did on his previous show.

Catch him::: Saturday, February 16th ::: 2 PM :::

Check out more of his work here.

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