::: Introducing ::: Koku Gonza ::: Wednesday, February 12th ::: Noon :::

Introducing…Twenty-One Featured Artist Koku Gonza

Koku Gonza is one of the artists ushering in the Neo Soul-World Music movement with the release of her highly anticipated third CD, Radiozophrenic.  Radiozophrenic encompass her schizophrenic passion for genre blending and musical variety. Audiences can expect to hear elements of Neo-Soul/, Blues, Pop and the global vibes of East Africa from Koku Gonza.

Since the release of her first EP, Koku Gonza has shared the stage with soulful heavy weight artist such as the Jazz-Funk Fusion legend Roy Ayers, Anthony David, Yahzarah and Eric Roberson. Koku Gonza’s musical gifts have carried her outside of Chicago to France where she did a 10-city tour during the summer of 2012. As an artist not born and raised in Chicago, Koku Gonza has adapted to the artist culture of the city. Koku Gonza’s music is parallel to the translation of her Kihaya name, which means lovely.

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