::: Introducing ::: Czr Prz ::: Tuesday, February 11th ::: 11 AM :::

Introducing… Twenty One Featured Artist Czr Prz

Czr Prz, (born in 1980 Cesar Augusto Perez De Arguezo) is an artist/designer from Stone Park Il, a western suburb of Chicago. He paints what could be considered contemporary illustrative street art and his technique, developed from a combination of comic book /representation/graffiti style can come off as both spontaneous and clean, as he tries to highlight marking gestures in his renderings as well as depth and balance through color and shape. He works primarily in spray paint, acrylic, and digital programs, but also fabricates props and background sets for installations and events.

He’s been involved in projects with Art Basel 2011, Kreayshawn (MTV Breakout Artist Of The Year) Museum Of Contemporary Art, Museum of Science and Industry, Field Museum, Nike, Camel, Toms Shoes, head ran an installation for the Chicago Reader during North Coast Fest (’10 and ’11), COCA I Cancer Society, Pop Cultour. Czr currently resides in Chicago IL where he does freelance art.

Catch him::: Tuesday, February 11th ::: 11 AM :::

Check out more of his work here.


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