::: Introducing ::: Gwen Terry ::: Sunday, February 10th ::: Noon :::

Introducing…Twenty One Featured Artist Gwen Terry

Having been formally trained in fine art, Gwen was quickly propelled into the world of theater and retail window installation, where composition and scale are key ingredients. She takes this with her now on her own personal journey with great consideration into the process and presentation of her work.

She believes that each and every one of us has an epic story inside, whether it has happened to us directly or in our DNA though our ancestors. It’s a tangible binding and knitting together of seemingly disparate threads that motivates her–finding the common experience in what would at first appear to be unrelated paths. She sees these epic stories in everyday reality, and the purpose of her work is to subconsciously reveal it through visual and tactile explorations. She tries to use archetypical themes that can be found in even the most pragmatic reality, and employ visceral images and compositional tension through asymmetry.

Catch her::: Sunday, February 10th ::: Noon :::

Check out more of Gwen’s work here.

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